Not All Flowers are Created Equal

She said her dress was emerald green; my tux, her flowers should work with that theme.  Called Auntie Jim out in Houston, florist to the family.  I said black goes with everything, don’t it?  She said black orchids would be stunning, but the other prom girls might not agree; get her white flowers, throw in something purple, complimentary.  The boss at BurgersRUs didn’t like my leave request for the dance, cut my hours.  Thin paychecks don’t buy corsages.  Borrowed some lilies from the cemetery; didn’t know about symbolism in flowers, but my date did. I went stag that night.



For Carrot Ranch  December 21st Flash Fiction Contest using ‘White Flowers’

26 thoughts on “Not All Flowers are Created Equal

  1. Excellent storytelling.

    I would have LOVED to have read the ending with those gorgeous black orchids. That would have been stunning.

    My husband brought home a leftover funeral bouquet for me once. It’s funny now, but at the time, I thought, “Boy, this cheap asshole is lucky we’re already married.” 😉

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  2. Welcome to the Ranch and what a great flash. I am going to look forward to your future stories. I love funeral lillies – bugger the symbolism but hers was the loss – no I guess a decreased pay checque was a loss. Good story and I too would have liked to have read the ending with the black orchids.

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    • You have my gratitude for your kind comments. Fiction is hard tack for this poet, but I will learn from all of you ranchers. (Should have gone with the black orchids! Either way, she wouldn’t have been happy.)

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  3. Great story. Oh yes, the symbolism that hides in so much. If only we knew. If the flowers were more important than you, you were better off without her, and probably had more fun stag. Pity about the pay cut though. She obviously wasn’t worth it.

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