Hunters and Other Heroes

I don’t remember much of it, only

the nurse, he was a god with great big arms,

when they sucked the middle from my bones he

told me stories about Orion’s charms


saved gobs of my hair for my mom to keep

said I would grow up to be strong like him

left presents for me while I was asleep

sang funny songs when my heart beat grew dim


gave me a star for my fourth Christmas tree

did not know how much wishing there’d be

‘til it got broke when I turned twenty-three


still tryin’

to reach Orion



for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge
Hope it’s okay to do flash fiction poetry!

15 thoughts on “Hunters and Other Heroes

  1. Fantastic. What a great nurse. I’m guessing the child had leukemia and was having bone marrow transplants and chemo and the nurse gave him a place to go with the stories of Orion. Loved the ending, knowing he’d survived from 4 to young adulthood and those stories were still the place he wanted to go.
    Poetry worked a treat. (even if my interpretation was not correct)

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  2. A powerful flash, Alexander! You managed to capture the hard haul of a childhood cancer and the heroics of the nurses who stand in the gap. Poets have this amazing ability to figure out how to express emotions and experiences in as few words as possible. Flash fiction is this common ground of sorts where poets tell stories and fictioneers practice a poet’s skill of paring words. Yes, additional constraints (poetic forms) are welcome along with 99 words.

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