Faulty Water Wolves

mouth, dripping
we cannot ignore
the lush overcome
by our maddening —
our decay

faulty water wolves
we are silenced
we hide beneath
the mountains
with our gravel teeth
our voices bleed
us out

there is no reply.


Inspiration comes in two forms for this, George Carlin and Just Jot It January. (Cheese – Moon. There IS a connection, right?)

“There are nights when the wolves are silent, and only the Moon howls.”
~ George Carlin

4 thoughts on “Faulty Water Wolves

  1. The madness that the moon imparts… and we absorb. I recall a piece I read — long ago — where the author (poet?) considered the moonburn of staring up at that constant reminder. It pulls at us and leaves us voiceless at the same time. We hide in our dens, awaiting darker nights; less cheese.

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