Break Camp

Only in darkness —
our steps absorbing our fear
violent pardon
is it enough to feel it
it is enough to hold it

Break camp
take up the fire
move on

Only in lightness —
our fear absorbing our steps
pardon my anger
is it enough to breathe in
it is enough to breathe out

Dry leaves
flame up and burn
what harm


Tanka Tuesday is back! Using mixed form: Tanka / Micro (There is probably a name for this but I’m too tired to do the work to figure it out!)

8 thoughts on “Break Camp

  1. Let’s start with and end with the title — Breakup Camp? a camp where you (the voice) breaks down / has a breakdown? a camp where they teach first aid along with leather working and wood burning? This title is going to be the key to your poem.

    Your mirrored stanzas are dynamite with a lit fuse. Reminds me of the photo you responded to (apple and mirror). Read together, sandwiched in my head, I am drawn into a mystery; “violent anger pardon.” That leads me to another take on your title; “We’re breaking camp, bugging out!”

    Then there’s the burning of dried matter… a fire you didn’t leave behind.

    Much to ponder.

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    • Wow! Thank you for taking so much time and effort. Yes, the title is laden. Break Camp – move on, bug out, break down – all potential ways of seeing it. I appreciate you seeing the mirrored stanzas, too. Re: the burning of dried matter – also filled with meaning. Always glad you stop by to read, Charley.

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