Clean Fingernails Make Me Jittery

Clean fingernails make me jittery
digging weeds with my bare hands
planting seeds
covering over them…
well, that part, covering over them,
that makes me sorta jittery, too
sometimes I pull back the soil
just to be sure they are
still there
and still okay

deep breath
deeper breath

the air is there
but I need dirt under my fingernails
because when they are clean
I remember
my fingernails,
after the collapse
when there was no air
well, not much, anyway
the way I clawed my way
to that beam above
me, just a little
no green sprouts

Flash Fiction for Carrot Ranch No Cliché “light at the end of the tunnel” challenge 

Charli at the Carrot Ranch challenges us to rewrite the light at the end of the tunnel in exactly 99 words, without being cliché.


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