Come, Snow

Come, snow! Cover us
undyed in mid-winter frost
while we fly, we rise
murmurations of ourselves
once bound, now blinding eddies

Rise! Thoughtless of ground
ancient songs appear, burst out
from mouths of living
sung in unknown hopelessness
sung in winter’s brightest glare

Earth weary our wings
swell, feet ungifted, returned
extinct of promise
draw skinny circles around
thoughts merge with the rising beast


Tanka Tuesday
Past & Present Synonyms

11 thoughts on “Come, Snow

  1. This reminds me of the Inuit language that has many names for snow. I saw a comic where two Eskimos’ were talking… one said to the other; “I don’t understand how they can have so many words for ‘lawn’. 😉

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  2. Z strikes again — pure gold (or should I say, “pure cold?”). It’s like you made a mythology, not just a myth but an entire mythology, out of snow, winter, white, “undyed.” The imperatives that call out in the first two tankas are incantations, summoning up of the spirits that hide and reside in wintered places; including the human denizens of the frozen North. Better you than me, man!

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